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Sigma Omicron Lambda


In 2017, Bro. Rev. Edward Johnson put out a call to the members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity that were residing in the Fayette and Coweta counties of Georgia. He sensed a need for the presence of Alpha in those communities. An interest group consisting of members of Alpha Phi Alpha was formed. The interest group began meeting at Flat Rock A.M.E. Church in Fayetteville, GA where Bro. Rev. Johnson was the Senior Pastor. Bro. W. Earl Hines Jr. was selected to preside over the interest group meetings. The interest group opened up a bank account and started collecting dues as seed money to start a new chapter. Bro. Darryl A. Hicks was selected to lead the committee to start the application process for a new charter. Bro. Hicks communicated with the necessary District, Regional and National officers to ascertain what the interest group needed to do in order to be in compliance.

For two years, the interest group met monthly at either Flat Rock A.M.E. or Bennetts Mill Middle School where Bro. Marcus Broadhead was the principal. The brothers participated in several events to show the national body that they were ready to operate as a chapter. They started implementing the fraternity’s national programs such as “Brothers Keeper” and “Voteless People Is A Hopeless People”. The interest group included several community leaders. Rev. Bro. James C. Vance was elected as the local NAACP chapter president. The brothers participated in the NAACP annual Martin Luther King Day parade every year. State Representative, Bro. Derrick Jackson invited the brothers to participate at the annual “Alpha Day” at the Georgia State Capitol. To celebrate the new bond an annual cookout was started by the interest group.

On July 27, 2019, Sigma Omicron Lambda Chapter was approved and chartered at the fraternity’s general convention in Las Vegas, NV. The first installation of officers was held on October 5, 2019 at Bennetts Mill Middle School. The officers were installed by the Area Director, Bro. Pierre Gauthier.


The first officers of Sigma Omicron Lambda are:

W. Earl Hines Jr. – President

Darryl Langford – Vice President

Dr. Marcus Broadhead, Ed.D – Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Michael McBride – Treasurer

Johnnie Beale – Financial Secretary

Adrian Cooley – Historian/Associate Editor to the Sphinx

Rev. James D.S. Vance – Chaplain

Darryl Felker – Director of Educational Activities

Dr. Maurice B. Gilbert, M.D. – Chapter Dean of Membership

Vernan Roberson – Sergeant at Arms

Darryl Hicks – Parliamentarian



Johnnie Beale

Dr. Marcus Broadhead

Efram Clark*

Rev. Dr. James C. Clements

Adrian Cooley*

Dr. Maurice B. Gilbert*

John Hannah*

Darryl A. Hicks, Sr.*

W. Earl Hines, Jr.

Derrick Jackson*

Rev. Edward Johnson

Darryl Langford*

Michael McBride, Sr.*

Carl Montgomery*

Edward Morgan**

Vernan Roberson*

Larry Shields*

Rev. James D. S. Vance*


* Life Member ** 50th Year Member

Officer Installation Ceremony October 5, 2019
Bro. Darryl Langford, Bro. W. Earl Hines Jr., Rev. Bro. James C. Vance, Rev. Bro. Ed Johnson
Chapter meeting
Chapter Meeting

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Sigma Omicron Lambda Chapter
Fayetteville, GA